when taylor swift does a thing



dream date: we get chinese food delivered, it’s raining, i take a shower in your shower (it must be a nice shower with good water pressure), you let me wear your clothes after i shower, you have a cat that i can pet, we watch movies, i fall asleep in your bed for like fifteen hours, you fall in love with me

"I think maybe we can’t be.” // r.i.d

"I think maybe we can’t be.” // r.i.d

I wish I could say that Augustus Waters kept his sense of humor ‘til the end, that not for a single moment did his courage waiver, but that is not what happened.


destroy this new idea that a woman can’t be strong if she cries over a man she’s lost. destroy the idea that you have to be cold and emotionally detached in order to be a strong woman

Taylor Swift - Love Story (1989 Mix)
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Love Story (1989 Mix) *with no audience/crowd noise!

*pauses the audience version that’s on repeat to listen to this*